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A Child Is Born - Jonathan Pryor's web log

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A Child Is Born

My first child was born today, Sarah Rose Pryor. She was born on April 24, 2005 at 3:30 PM. She is 7 pounds ½ ounces. More information as it becomes available.

Gratuitous Images. :-)

Amber and Sarah

Sarah Rose Pryor

Sarah and Amber are both doing fine, though Amber was in labor for over 14 hours (using 1 AM as the onset of labor, though we weren't entirely sure that labor had started until her water broke at 2:36 AM; Amber thought the contractions were really just strong cramps, especially since they were localized to the lower part of her abdomen, not throughout the entire uterus). I managed to help Amber and the nurses with delivery, and was given the opportunity to cut the umbilical cord -- which promptly decided to shoot blood everywhere, including my hand. Umbilical cords are messy. :-)

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