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What kind of site would this be without links to other sites?

(Well, it might be original, actually...)

Mostly unorganized, at this point, but...


Triangle Area Anime Society (TAAS)
While I'm visiting Raleigh, North Carolina, I attend the weekly anime meetings here.
COM Humor
COM Jokes. I especially like the "Signs that you have hired the wrong COM developer...".
The Evil Overlord List
List of the top 100 things to do if you're an Evil Overlord.
The Dungeon
The next 100-odd things to do if you're an Evil Overlord.
Star Trek Parodies
How many people does it take to change a lightbulb in the various Star Trek shows?
Laws of Anime
Previously known as the Anime Laws of Physics, this is a list of general rules/patterns that are found in Anime.


Every page has to have a link to Dilbert, right?
Kevin & Kell
Another comic that often has material relevent to the internet... Often, but not always.
User Friendly
Makes fun of many things computer related. Is the BSD Devil a demon or a deamon? Daily updates.

Development and Related

Don Box's Home Page
The guru of COM.
Keith Brown's Home Page
The guru of COM Security.
Chris Sells' Home Page
Another COM guru; lots of sample code on "workarounds" for dual interfaces.
Essential COM
General Information and Errata. It's a really good book...
Take a look at Chapter 1 for the reasoning behind this technology.
Effective COM
50 Ways to Improve Your COM and MTS Applications;
General Information and Errata.
The Cygwin Project
Unix on Windows. (I mostly ignore the unix portion, and use the very nice egcs 1.1.1 compiler included with beta 20.1)
Mumit Khan's home page
Mumit Khan is a frequent contributer to the Cygwin mailing list, maintaining mingw32, the "minimalist" gnu-win32, a C++ compiler built from the egcs toolchain that links against CRTDLL.DLL for "unix" support (which is installed on virtually every computer that has 32-bit windows installed) instead of pulling in the entire cygnus library.
GNU-Win32 Related Projects
Another page run by Mumit Khan, this contains a listing of various projects/samples using the Cygnus GNU-Win32 library (among others).
Anders Norlandr's Gnu-win32 Page
Another contributer to the GNU-Win32 list, Anders has written a set of header files for the Win32 API for use with the GNU C/C++ compiler.

Open Source

Peruvian Congressman's Open Letter to Microsoft
A well-written response to several of Microsoft's questions/complainst regarding open-source software.
Opening the Open-Source Debate
A response to a white-paper written by The Alexis de Tocqueville Institution regarding Open-Source Software.


The Internet Debacle - An Alternate View
Why free music downloads can be a good thing.
Patent Avoidance Library